REPLACEMENT of old conventional WWTP applying REŠETILOVS new package modular solution.
Location - Village in the Baltic sea region with population of approx. 4500 people.

The existed conventional treatment facilities were in operation over 30 years and became obsolete with time, causing serious ecological issues for the village. It was decided to implement rehabilitation project removing the old treatment system and installing a new one developed by REŠETILOVS, gradually redirecting wastewaters from the old WWTP.

The rehabilitation project determined the design capacity of the new wastewater treatment facilities of 900 m3/day with possibility to treat wastewater amount up to 1000 m3/day during peak loads. The REŠETILOVS system was approved in the project as the decentralized wastewater treatment solution.

The WWTP supply was carried out in three stages: 1st stage - 100 m3/day, 2nd stage – 480 m3/day, 3rd stage – 480 m3/day.
All WWTP stages were factory made packages in modular, containerized design, for above ground installation.

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